Travelblog: Business Pajamas to New Zealand

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To get to New Zealand from Colorado, it’s usually a twenty-five or thirty-hour trip. The big hop in this flight, Houston to Auckland, was fourteen and a half hours, but it wouldn’t be international if you didn’t have a six or eight-hour layover in an American city first. I won’t mention that the first leg out of Colorado Springs was delayed an hour and a half. That would just be whining.

I find my departure gate by heading toward the largest crowd blocking the terminal. We take up some space; tour groups, families with kids, odds ‘n ends like me. I’m told this is the second longest flight on the planet. May I just say that’s the very last and least inspiring thing my backside wants to know. But it could be worse, they say. The flight through Dubai is a couple of hours longer.

A man standing next to…

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