Travelblog: Shall I Be Mother?

Sorry if this is a repeat, but it was time for the blog to come home to roost…

Relaxed & Forward: AnnaBlakeBlog

Say hello to Bruce. He is the spokesmodel for The 2018 Long Ears Tour, an unexpected title bestowed on my last stop in England. My head was still spinning but a tourist usually stands around blinking, almost always the last one to figure anything out. Best to celebrate awkwardness, I think. Thank you, Bruce. Very handsome.

It’s my new hobby; I’m a tourist. That means among other things, I hold out my hand and ask shopkeepers to pick out the money they want. It’s tourist math, I smile and say thank you. And this thing called jet lag; depending on direction, shouldn’t it be called jet spurt? Any other reason for me being bright-eyed alert at 2am?

Wimborne Minster, cream tea.

My real job is being a clinician; I arrive at a horse facility where a group of horses and riders are organized for two or three days of equine…

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