Travelblog: Addressing the Vegetarian Haggis

And again, sorry if this is a repeat, but it was time for the blog to come home to roost…

Relaxed & Forward: AnnaBlakeBlog

Edinburgh, Scotland. The first moments in a new country are never the best. You’ve slept in your clothes, but they aren’t that wrinkled because you’ve sat up in a cramped seat on a plane all night. Since they don’t really give you anything to eat on planes, fewer food stains, I suppose that’s better, but the support hose are choking your ankles. Oh, the romance of travel!

Stop one is the border agent. I usually draw attention because I look like someone who should be retired but I have a work visa. “What is the purpose of your visit?” I tell him I’m a clinician. Quizzical eyebrows. I try to describe the work I do, which probably sounds like anything but work. The agent holds my passport up and looks from the passport to me and back again. “How’s that?” I tell him that groups of riders invite me…

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