Stable Relation, A Memoir

SR Both medalsSTABLE RELATION, a memoir of one woman’s spirited journey home, by way of the barn. **2016 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Award Winner, National Indie Excellence Award Finalist** 

When most women go through a mid-life crisis, they start a diet, get plastic surgery, or have an affair. My life went to the dogs…and horses…and llamas… and did I mention happy hour with the goats?

My urban world came apart, so I took a leap of faith and crash-landed on a dilapidated would-be horse farm on the flat, windy, treeless prairie of Colorado. It was a place where white horses turn pink at sunrise and I didn’t have to worry about locking the back entry to the house because the door was missing. It’s the story of my bittersweet transition from a mid-life orphan to a modern pioneer woman, building an entirely different kind of family farm–Jeanette Walls meets James Herriot.

In the beginning, the prairie gave me the space to howl at the moon and I had mourning to do. My urban life was frantic emotionally and physically. Losing that life gave me an opportunity to change everything. When I took the leap to the country, everything was twice the challenge I’d imagined. I wanted to start over, but it didn’t go like I expected. It went even better.

Stable Relation appeals to animal lovers, midlife survivors, and anyone whose
parents had problems of their own. Available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all online booksellers.

Stable Relation Book Trailer


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